The build-up to the annual Volksfest has been going on for weeks, my nephew Hef and mate Pete have been working on Gwynfor, a lime green, surfer’s machine, for some while now; cleaning, painting, woodwork, interior work, all in readiness for this annual event. At the twelfth hour Pete remembers he has a Gig on Saturday so won’t be able to attend, Hef’s girlfriend also has something else to do, so he asked me if I’d like to go along for the ride – I jumped at it!

Part of the Volksfest, which is held at Margam Park, is the annual “Porthcawl Dawdle”, a drive from the park to Porthcawl along a meandering route via the park itself, Water Street, Mawdlam, Kenfig, Nottage, Rest Bay and then along the sea front at Porthcawl before terminating at Salt Lake car park at Trecco Bay. From around 10.00am those participating in the dawdle begin to assemble in ranks of type at the car park, rows of Beetles, splittie vans, camper vans, bays, T25, T4. T5 and anything else VW that cares to join in. Just before the signal for the off, drivers are invited to join in the chorus of horns and a tremendous cacophony rent the air almost frightening away the rain!

And so, we were off! We were at the rear end of the third row of vehicles and there were another seven rows following behind. It was an interesting drive, passing through built-up areas where crowds congregated to wave at us. After a drive of nearly an hour we arrived at the destination and parked up amongst the ranks.

Photographically it was not a great day, I shot around 20 frames mostly of van details, but as for a fun day, that it certainly was! Thanks Hef, a very interesting day amongst some very colourful characters!