Some 20 or more years ago I was very interested in the history and products of a British company based in Dursley, Gloucestershire: R A Lister & Son Ltd. At that time I had the largest collections of Lister stationary engines in the south west of Britain, surpassed only by one other, a friend in Wrexham, North Wales. I set out to acquire each of the different models they produced which included a number of extremely rare variants. This interest in stationary engines developed further into other products by the company and I also acquired four, three-wheeled Autotrucks made by them. However, my one desire was to find a Lister Railtruck, only a few hundred were made and although many survive they changed hands at very high prices. I was lucky enough though to be offered the chance of obtaining the world’s oldest survivor which I willingly accepted and the machine was eventually collected from Lincolnshire one snowy day and installed on my 2ft narrow gauge garden railway.

A number of Railtrucks had found their way into South Wales, about a dozen or so purchased by quarries and brickworks. I commenced researching each of these known locations and visited most of them to see if there were any remains or evidence of tramways. One of these, near Cowbridge, I never did get to visit for one reason or another and over the years my intense interest has slowly declined.

On a recent visit to Trefil Quarry near Tredegar, I had occasion on the way home to drive past the turning down to this quarry and suddenly remembered I had never visited. On my return home I did a check on Google maps and decided a visit might be worthwhile so yesterday made a quick trip and snapped off a few pics before the rain hammered down. Another visit soon maybe?