I’m sure you don’t need to be told this, but I’m currently going through a quarry phase in my landscape photography, I like the ruggedness about the scenery, the scar that is man-made upon the countryside, and I love how nature is beginning to reclaim these places and give them a desolate charm all of their own. As to my favourite, well, that would be a difficult one to call, every time i visit or discover a new one, that is my favourite of the moment.

Over the last year or so  I have built up a huge arsenal of photographs taken in a quarry environ; I enjoyed the vastness of Penwyllt, the quaintness and quietness of Cefn Cadlan and the mighty drama of Trefil, the grand master of scenic quarryness!

Lime Green Slime!I leave you with just one photo tonight,  taken at Trefil Quarry on my latest visit, the lime green slime was just too good an opportunity to miss, wasn’t it?