It would seem that I have been persuaded to do the GDSF trip as mentioned yesterday, but the thought of carrying heavy equipment on my back for hours on end is a little daunting. What if I could find a camera bag on large wheels which I could drag around, something like a shopping trolley? Research has shown there are a number of excellent but extremely pricey photography-based products on the market but none of them with wheels large enough to cope with the stony and muddy ground at Dorset, nor within a budget I’m prepared to spend. My next thought was a small sack truck on which I can strap my camera bag(s) so scoured the web to see if there was anything suitable. A number of bulky products were discovered, some at local chain stores so off I went to the nearest DIY superstores to see for myself if any of them would be suitable

Then I saw this, a toolbox on fairly large wheels with a handle to drag behind me, and with enough room to carry photographic kit for any eventuality when you are miles from your car. Currently on offer at this store at £25, (in another on-line shop it was £47) so decided to take the plunge and purchase; after all, if it’s no good for the purpose in mind I can always use it later for tools! I think I may have to substitute the wheels for more substantial ones, but that shouldn’t be too difficult. Two hooks drilled to the side and a few Velcro straps have provided a useful tripod carrier. Finally, when I get worn out from all that walking and dragging, I can use it for a seat!