Not of visiting the Great Dorset Steam Fair, but of using the new kit box I purchased cheaply on Friday. I have spent some time trundling it up and down the garden today, much to the amusement of the neighbours who already think I’m a little strange, and I think it’s just a little too large to be comfortable for hours and hours of dragging it behind me. So now I’m thinking perhaps I’ll travel light. Last time I visited in 2009, despite having just about everything I thought I’d need, I came home with very few photographs, so perhaps I’ll take just one lens and the diminutive high performing G12. Do I really need a tripod? If I bump up the speed a little I should be able to manage without one surely? Anyway, here’s to next Thursday and to get me in the mood I’ve processed a photograph from my last trip. The ghosting is people walking past me during a long exposure.

BTW, sorry there was no blog yesterday, went to a barbecue at my nieces’ house and got chatting and drinking and was far too gone when I got in to even think about placing my fingers on this keyboard!