Last evening, in Camera Club, we were treated to a presentation by an expert on photographic manipulation; altered reality to bizarre extremes. I suppose it was quite entertaining in a way but I couldn’t help feeling I’d outgrown this style of processing and was reminded I was attempting the same sort of thing way back in 1994, albeit in a much cruder form than the professional images produced by last evening’s speaker!

1172713455_5c1019c4de_bHere is one of my first experiments with Photoshop manipulation, using version 2.5 back in the early 1990s. The photo is from my London years with a couple of boys dressed up as pirates  in striped shirts, bandanas, ragged cut-off jeans and wellies, ready to join a small carnival float at a South London event to celebrate the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977.

This photograph did really well in camera club competitions in 1994, before digital manipulation became popular. This picture was a novelty, an innovative curiosity and the very first digitally manipulated photograph to be entered in a WPF (Welsh Photographic Federation) inter-club competition (unless you know otherwise!).

This picture was part of a set of three images. Back in 1994 computer printers were not capable of printing such an image unless you paid thousands for one. With my early manipulated photos it was necessary to photograph the screen with negative film and then get the photo printed conventionally, thanks to the efforts of a camera club colleague who had a commercial darkroom. Unfortunately I have lost those early files so have had to scan the print resulting in a considerable loss of quality.