Yesterday the postal service excelled itself, the pile of junkmail was huge, I had to carefully sift through it all to check what was legitimate and what could be thrust straight into recycling; really, is it absolutely necessary that we have to have all this stuff inflicted upon us by the poor postal workers who have the unfortunate task of heaving this stuff about on a daily basis just so that we can put it straight into the recycle box? Do you know I actually feel guilty about the amount of paper that leaves my house for recycling!

Then there’s the leaflet distributors, currently about a half dozen leaflets a week land on my doormat, very often unnecessary if only the distributor used his or her head – for example, why would I need leaflets about garden services? One glance at my front garden would tell anyone with an ounce of sense his trip up my garden path was a waste of effort and that they’d be better off delivering next door, either side as it happens! I’m also tired of reading about the local takeaway or food delivery services and offers to buy my antiques or to provide a house clearance or fix me up with new insurance; I don’t need need any of you thank you very much!

It’s about time a new law was passed preventing complete strangers walking up your garden path and shoving their rubbish through your letterbox! After all, there are by-laws to prevent fly-tipping and that is exactly the same thing, albeit on a much larger scale; dumping unwanted rubbish on other people’s property!

We mustn’t forget the plastic bags either, these come through my door at least once a week inviting me to fill them up with clothing or goods for some plausible cause or other. I’ve got news for you folks, they make excellent bin-liners, haven’t needed to buy liner bags for ages!

But wait, I haven’t finished yet; what about the free newspapers and catalogues? Yesterday, late in the evening, I had a “Thomson Local” pushed through the door. What’s that all about, does anyone ever open one of these? Do they have a purpose other than to sell advertising to the gullible and then to clutter up a recycling bin? In this day and age, are paper directories necessary? Not in this house anyway, mine all went for recycling long ago and the Thomson is joining them tomorrow. To add insult to injury, the deliverer left the gate open; for goodness sake, why can’t you shut the flippin’ gate?