Finally, I have got round to making a decision about my planned visit to Australia, it wasn’t a decision about whether or not I was going, more about how I was going to travel! Well, now it’s done, seat booked and paid-for, visa sorted, now all I have to do is wait until the day when I can jet off to the sun! Consequently, today I have been very unsettled, tried hard to think of things to occupy my mind, but failed miserably, all I can think is – hurry up October!

I shall be landing at Melbourne and then promptly whisked off to the Dandenongs to the home of my brother and sister-in-law where I’ll be staying, and then just two days later we’ll be attending the wedding of my nephew and his bride; I guess I’ll have to take a camera with me for that won’t I?

I think the pelican in this photo makes a pleasant change from the ubiquitous herring gulls we get around our coasts here in Wales. The photo was taken at Williamstown looking across to the Melbourne skyline. As you know, I don’t do birds so was quite pleased this little chap posed for me, in fact I think I have another dozen or so pictures of him! All the photos on my last trip were taken with a small pocket-sized camera, this time I’m taking the 5D and all the kit as well as the diminutive but powerful performer, the G12!!

Boy StatueOne of the places I’m looking forward to revisiting is the William Ricketts Sanctuary, this time though, I hope the mosquitoes are not quite so active in their quest to bite as much out of me as they possible can! This really is an amazing place and only a short distance from where I’ll be staying!