Just how difficult can it be to obtain elbow-length tee-shirts? My quest has taken me to nearly every retail outlet in “The Pines”, a lot of the clothes shops in town, and countless number of web-sites; they’re just not available any more, the kids these days (for whom tee-shirts are mainly made) all want the shorter sleeves to show off their muscular and well-developed upper arms and this style just will not do for me!

Scrawny kid on beach!I’m scrawny in the upper arm department, in fact I’m skinny in most places, it’s nearly always been this way. As a young child if I stripped off at the beach everyone stared at the pale puny kid who looked as though he was starved with all his ribs showing. As a young teenager I gave up taking off my shirt in public places as I couldn’t deal with the stares and nudged whispers from the public and my peers. OK, so I’m probably being a little over exaggerative here, but I honestly was self conscious about my extreme slenderness and this has never really gone away!

I was about to give up my quest for new tee-shirts for my pending visit to Australia when I was told of a little shop in Porthcawl that sold cheap surfing and beach clothing, so went along very unhopefully to investigate. Couldn’t believe it, there on the pavement was a rack of tee-shirts and some of them were just what I had been looking for, and only £2.50 each; sorry I didn’t buy more now!