Over the last few days I have had a visitor; my cousin Richard from Vancouver Island who I have not seen for 12 years, and then only for an hour or two. Prior to that we decided I had not seen him since 1970!

It’s been a frantic couple of days with much reminiscing and lots of family tree discussions which is something in which we are both involved. Born just a couple of months apart in the same nursing home in Porthcawl we spent some time in that town trying to decide exactly where we were brought into this world.

Also staying in Bridgend at the same time was Richard’s cousin Terri, who had discovered him through the Glamorgan Family History Society’s services at Aberkenfig; she had lost touch with the family after moving to Spain as a young girl and had not see her cousin Richard for about 50 years.

Thanks both, it’s been an entertaining time. Here’s a photo of Terri and Richard taken at Dunraven Bay during a mad-dash visit of sightseeing which included four beaches, ancestral house searches, visiting old acquaintances and a pub lunch all in the space of just a few hours.