It would seem that my blog post of a few days ago was very popular, the one where I featured photographs from the vast archive held by the National Library of Wales of the work of prolific photographer Geoff Charles. On this bleak, miserable and windswept morning I have decided to rummage around in my archive to find some more comparison shots, so let’s begin.


The first two are photographs of igloos; Geoff Charles captured his scene on 1st January 1955 at an unspecified location whilst mine was taken in February 1978 at a garden in Merthyr Mawr Road in Bridgend.


Next we view a couple of boat scenes, Geoff’s picture is of boys on a boat on the River Conwy in 1957, no further details are provided. Mine was taken on the Neath Canal in June 1996 at a trailboat rally and shows a number of boats that have just passed through a lock on the upper reaches of the canal, one of the boats in command of a couple of young lads. The original of this photograph was taken on colour negative film.


The Ford Thames 300E was in production from 1954 to 1961 and this next couple of photos include this model. Geoff Charles’ picture on the left was taken in 1960 whilst mine was captured some 14 years later in May 1974 showing one of these vans in a children’s playground.


In July 1953 a miniature train ride and spectators at the Holy Trinity Church, Coronation Carnival, Shrewsbury were caught by Geoff Charles. My photograph was taken at Newbridge Fields, Bridgend in September 1974 during a steam rally; the field where this was shot is now the athletics circuit.


Finally, on the left is Llanelwedd School, Builth Wells, showing a group of boys climbing a tree on 1st Nov 1952 and my picture was taken at Merthyr Mawr sand dunes in March 1974.

You can search the Geoff Charles Collection by following the link, be patient it takes some navigating but it’s well worthwhile; don’t forget to state which collection you wish to view for each new search. Links will open in a new window or tab; the Geoff Charles images link directly to the NLW website.