Of all the cameras I have ever owned, and I have about 75, one of my all-time favourites has to be the Microflex twin lens reflex (TLR) I purchased in the early 70s. I bought it at Dixons in Queen Street, Cardiff in the days when that store sold used equipment. Used it certainly was, very used, I seem to remember I paid £9.10s for it (which equates to about £104 at today’s prices), not a huge amount, but the greater part of a week’s pay for me then. The camera had certainly seen better days and the shutter release was a little tricky, to say the least. I solved that problem by using a short cable release screwed into the front shutter release button. The results from the first roll of film were very good and I was pleased with my acquisition and for a number of years this camera went everywhere with me, I shot black and white on the Microflex, and colour slide on the Practica Super TL.

All good things come to an end though and the days of the Microflex were probably numbered before I bought it. The shutter continued to play silly games and eventually I began to lose frames when it would insist I wind on twice. But I persisted with it until eventually, after a bump on a wall during a carnival shoot when I was jostled, it gave up. I enquired about the cost of repair and was told not to bother. Disappointed that I had lost my Microflex, I was also pleased I had been able to get a few years use from it and many rolls of useable film before it finally expired.

A year or two later I bought a Yashica TLR to replace it, but hated it. I have them both still, the Microflex in my display cabinet and the Yashica lurking somewhere in the bottom of the wardrobe!