As most of my friends and contacts are aware, I am currently restoring a house that has been in the family since it was built in 1923. A short while after it was built a room was added in the roof and when this was being fitted a number of ceilings below were loosened so, as a temporary measure, hardboard and battens were affixed to prevent the ceiling from completely collapsing. This temporary fix has survived until now, 87 years, so I decided all the ceilings had to be replaced to make a uniform appearance. The very last one to be removed was in the bathroom and whilst I was removing the laths this page from a Radio Times fell out, it had been used to stuff a hole presumably when the house had some wiring alterations during its life. The page is dated Saturday 29th July, but no indication of the year, but the text clearly puts this during the latter part of the war. It didn’t take much research to determine the year was 1944!