Earlier this week saw the first of the Bridgend & District Camera Club’s summer evening photoshoots. Having been the organiser of the summer activities for the past few years, I have now handed over the reins to Steve Chatman who assisted me last year. I felt the time had come to have full input from a member who wasn’t solely committed to landscape photography (like myself) and who might have some different ideas to entertain our members on the photo evenings this summer.

As I mentioned above, the first of these was this week and Steve had selected the river and old dock at Port Talbot as the venue. The afternoon before the visit was very wet and on arrival at the meeting place the sky was quite gloomy but with hints of colour creeping through. My expectations were not high of getting anything worthwhile in my camera, but with all the others set out to walk the half-mile to the venue. I was one of the last to arrive at the riverside as I had been distracted along the way and before me I saw a scene crawling with photographers so just bided my time until most of them had wandered away before setting up my shots.

The light was very even, if a little dull, so no filters were necessary to lower the tones in the sky and I was reasonably pleased with the images I saw on the camera screen. Later though, when I was attempting to process them in Photoshop I just couldn’t get the balance of tones as I wanted them, so resorted to using Photomatix to tonemap the images to bring out as much detail as I could. The results were a little surprising, to say the least, and I have put a few together on this page to show you all. The photos are all linked to my flickr site and will open in a new window. Hope you enjoy them!

Rusty Chain River Afan A little bit of atmosphere!
The Old Dock - once more! Singer on the sands! The Old Dock - again!