The phone woke me with a start, I must have dozed off; a hot day at the project and a glass of red with my supper and the droning of the television must have sent me into deep slumber. “Let’s go and visit Babs tomorrow” I heard my mother saying down the phone; in my confused state of half wakefulness I must have agreed as before I knew it she had rung Babs and arranged it for the following morning.

I must point out now that Babs, my cousin Barbara, doesn’t exactly live around the corner but in deepest Cornwall between Redruth and Truro, about four hours drive from home on a good day. I found myself mumbling something about doing my weekly shop before going and arranged to meet at 8.00 at Mum’s house where she, and my brother Geoff and his wife Sue would be waiting.

The shopping done and packed away by 7.45 and I was off, only to remember I needed to go to the pharmacy to collect my medication for the next two months so a slight delay there meant we were not on the road until 9.00. I really hadn’t thought this trip through though, normally we make the trip to see my cousin on a weekday and the Saturday traffic was really heavy, we got caught up in traffic clumping and bumper to bumper crawling along the M5. One of the high spots was seeing the double headed steam train Duke of Gloucester and Tornado as it trundled alongside of us at a healthy pace, pulling away from us at 70mph.

A stop at Exeter services was interesting as it was packed, nevertheless we fought our way to the toilets and then picked up a bite to eat. By now we were only half way and already one and a half hours later than we had told our host so we sped onward along the A30 which wasn’t too crowded. Oops, spoke too soon, tailback ahead, dual carriageway going into single carriageway, a boring 45 minutes worth of it, good job I got out of the right side of the bed yesterday!

Eventually we arrived after a few phone calls back and fore to explain where we were and greeted cousin Babs and a welcome leg and bottom stretch after the five and a half hours we had been in the car! A pleasant afternoon was spent in the company of Babs and the rest of her family who all called in to see us and I must confess I nodded off in the warm afternoon sunshine in her lovely garden.

All too soon it was time to leave, I had previously decided that I would need a beach fix with my camera before returning home so down to St Agnes and on to the little National Trust bay of Trevellas Porth in the Blue Hills area. A short while, probably an hour, was spent rock-hopping and trying to get some images on my card but, the light was very harsh and uneven and for some reason my graduated filters were not in my bag, so I struggled a bit. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my little wander down on the beach but decided we couldn’t really wait another hour and a half before sunset so reluctantly left this delightful little spot.

For some reason I decided to make a detour around Perranporth on the way out of St Agnes; big mistake, the annual carnival was in progress and the streets were heaving and traffic just crawling along, by the time we got back to the A30 it was 8.00pm and another fours of driving ahead of me meant we didn’t get home until nearly midnight. Was it worth it though, of course, we had a lovely afternoon, albeit briefly, in the company of our lovely Cornwall cousins and their delightful families!