Mention to my flickr and Facebook friends of SR would usually mean I’m thinking of doing a sunrise photographic shoot, on this occasion though the SR actually stands for Steam Rally, one of the largest in the country at South Cerney and known as the Gloucestershire Steam Extravaganza. Sited on an old airfield, the location is near perfect as many of the larger exhibits can be kept on hard standing in inclement weather and this summer has been no exception with dozens of rallies up and down the country cancelled because of waterlogged sites.

We had an hour or so of dry weather, but the sky was always looking threatening and eventually down came the rain, heavily, drops the size of teacupfulls; everyone dashed for shelter in the few places available whilst we waited out the storm. Surprisingly though, despite the hammering, the ground stayed reasonably firm with all the thousands of people and vehicles traversing it.

An enjoyable afternoon was spent on the vast site despite the dampness; my brother, visiting a steam rally for the first time since I took him to one in 1975, had “headless chicken syndrome”, dashing about not knowing where to look first. This show is good practise for anyone thinking of visiting the Great Dorset Steam Fair as it is probably the second largest in the country albeit about a quarter of the size of GDSF. Here are a few photographs giving a flavour of the damp afternoon.