After 17 weeks of hard labour on the building project, today is the day my brother and sister-in-law return home to Australia. It’s been an interesting time with lots of events to keep us occupied but finally, time has run out. Earlier this week we wound-down the building project and tidied up the house before standing back and taking a look at all we have achieved. There’s no doubt that it’s been worthwhile and I’d never have done as much as has been done without their help and guidance through many of the traumas that have befallen us upon the way. No doubt I shall write a blog entry in the next week or so cataloguing some of the difficulties we experienced during the rebuild.

A dark mood today! The last few days we have relaxed a little and been for afternoon drives in the countryside, seeking out South Wales roads that neither my brother or I have travelled upon in our lifetime. Yesterday we had lunch at Penwyllt where the skies were performing but it was very busy there with some weekend event going on at the Caving Centre, the site full of tents and camper vans. We took a few obligatory photographs before going on our adventures over narrow moorland lanes and hidden byeways before returning home to a candle-lit fish-and-chips supper prepared by my sister and brother-in-law and the rest of the family.

Geoff and Sue, it’s been really great having you here for the last four months, I couldn’t, and wouldn’t have tackled the building project without you and only sorry you won’t be around to see the final onslaught to conquer the summit; you will be both greatly missed and I can’t say I’m looking forward to the next, and last, few hours, it’s going to be a painful parting!

Farewell, safe journey, and hope to see you both before too long, Mum and I and the rest of the family will miss you!