I have used the same header image since I set up this blog over a year ago. When I initiated this new extension of my web interests I had no clear thoughts of what I would be posting on my blog. At first I assumed I would be passing on my ideas and deliberations of my low-level style of landscape photography and so selected a header picture which reflected that ideal. The low shot of pools at sunset on Ogmore-by-Sea beach, when cropped to fit the available space, fitted the theme perfectly and I was pleased with my choice.

It soon became apparent that some of my postings were much more popular than others, particularly those which reflected upon the past or some of my more bizarre thoughts or activities, so with that in mind felt it was time to update my header to more accurately reflect some of my eccentricity. An image including myself would be ideal, but as a photographer I seem to have very few pictures of the person at the helm of this blog.

Earlier in the year, as part of a digital presentation I was working on, I needed to include some photographs of myself at work with my camera so asked at camera club (and on Facebook) if any members had any I could use. A number of pictures came in and I used some of them in my show, but there was one in particular that I liked, by Neil Holman, taken at Cefn Cadlan Quarry on a warm summer’s morning. It shows me with camera in hand and wearing my favourite camo shorts and my Hunters, typical of the garb I can be found sporting on a landscape or seascape shoot.

My flickr icon was chosen many years ago as it reflected my favoured choice of clothing for low level photography as depicted above; shorts, as wet knees dry quicker than wet trousers, and comfortable Hunter wellington boots at wetter locations to be able to get into the middle of the action, particularly at waterfalls and rivers, I also like hoodies as they can be great wind protectors for your ears. The same icon I now use for all my web-based activities and is synonymous with my web-name opobs, an acronym derived from the name of my website.

However, the photograph by Neil was in portrait format and for the blog header I needed a very narrow (960 x 260 pixels) photograph and it was just not suitable in its native form, so decided I would transfer myself from that photograph to another location which would better reflect my photographic interest. This is the first image from that stable using a photograph taken on a cold winter’s day at Foggintor Quarry in Dartmoor.