A couple of photographs taken a year apart to let you all know how my building project is coming along. A year ago I acquired a house which has been in the family since it was built in 1923. Nothing major had been done to this property for about forty years so it was in need of some serious work to bring it up to living standards of the 21st century.

My main aim was to maintain the character of the 1920s exterior whilst thoroughly modernising the interior within the parameters of a very limited budget. My brother Geoff who, as you probably know, lives in Australia offered to come over and assist, otherwise I might never have tackled this huge undertaking. His brief was that much of the demolition should be completed before he arrived in April so that we could concentrate on rebuilding. All the ceilings needed removing which was very hard work and I’m grateful to flickr friend Dave, known as Wiffsmiff, who assisted with this horrendous task. Geoff and Sue duly arrived and together the three of us set about rebuilding the interior.

I shan’t delve into the problems we encountered on the interior, that will wait for a further blog post, but one of the major jobs we needed to accomplish before plastering could commence was the removal of the large, now redundant, chimney which was badly leaking. This was completed without trauma in about a day and I set about repairing the roof. On completion of this task I had a serious look at the roof and realised it really should be replaced immediately, not in the next two years when I had the necessary finance after selling my current house. A few days of money shuffling and shelving of other projects soon convinced me to renew the roof, and with it the flat-roofed dormer window with a gabled one.

To cut a long story very short, the roof, dormer, gutters and fascias were completed by a roofing contractor in just ten days with only a minor leaking of water during this process. Here then are the two photos, the before taken in July last year just after I had removed all the brambles from the back of the house and the now photograph which was taken this week. Later I will show you some of the work we have accomplished on the interior.