. . . and so did I; that was something really heavy that came through my letterbox and plopped loudly on the floor. Hmm, not expecting anything, best go and see, probably a bumper bundle of junk mail. But no, there was a package, with my name and address, it felt like a book so I opened it, then I remembered!

Some while ago I had been approached via flickr for permission to use a couple of my photographs in a guide book on the beaches of Wales. My standard reply to this sort of request is usually along the lines of, “what are you expecting to pay me for them?” This usually sorts out those that are after a freebie and I never hear from them again. This one was different and replied that a small fee might be negotiable and would I be interested in talking terms. Now let’s be realistic here, I don’t need to earn money from my hobby so agreed to the use of my two photos in return for a free copy of the book when it was published.

The two photos requested, both taken at Traeth Mawr would not have been my choice from the dozens or more of that location I have on my flickr photostream, but that’s the author’s prerogative and my expectations on this book were nothing more than it being just another collection of beach photographs.

How wrong I was, the publication entitled Secret Beaches – Wales is a substantial softback of 256 pages. The author Rob Smith has put together a very interesting photoguide to the lesser known beaches of Wales, together with instructions of how to get there by car, walking directions with maps and also where to get refreshment after your visit, the recommended “Pit Stop” after Traeth Mawr being the Plough & Harrow at Monknash. The book also features QR-code technology so you can download all the information you need to your smartphone without the need to carry around the extra weight of the book.

The beach photographs shown above are mine as seen in the publication and taken from preview screenshots from the author’s website. It’s definitely worth purchasing this book, it’s well produced on substantial glossy paper which smells of quality and I’m really pleased I made the decision to donate a couple of photos of Traeth Mawr; Well done Rob, excellent work!

Preview of Secret Beaches Wales