Yesterday a couple of statues were unveiled at Bridgend, I was aware the unveiling ceremony was going to take place but for one reason or another decided not to attend. Later, there was a good deal of discussion on Facebook and other social network sites as to who or what the sculptures represented, indeed there was some considerable confusion about these statues so this morning decided to wander down and attempt to interpret them for myself.

On arrival at the location however, I was surprised to see that there was a flurry of activity with workmen all over the place but the statues were covered in sacking, I couldn’t get near either of them because of the fencing surrounding the site. What is apparent though is that a good effort is being made to tidy up an otherwise indifferent corner of Bridgend; there’s going to be seating and other ornamental features in this large open space with one of the statues taking centre place and when complete I’m sure will look worthy of the effort being put into its completion today.

Personally I’m not terribly concerned whether or not I know what or whom the statues represent, I can visit any town or city in the country and see their statues and know nothing about them, so why should I be worried about the identity of any statues in my own town? I just think it’s really good that we have some and that we are now able to see some positive results from the long ongoing work to some of the side streets in our town and look forward to seeing the “Cheapside” development when completed so that I may properly photograph the statues in their new environment.

After attempting to view the statues I wandered across town and climbed part way up Newcastle Hill to visit St John’s House for their open day. There I met for the first time the enthusiastic local historian Louvain Rees who I have come to know through Facebook and with whom I chat frequently online. You really should visit her informative and entertaining blog, Hello Historia, there’s a wealth of stories and articles within, well worth a browse. Good to chat to you Louvain but I forgot to ask about the bell which is on loan from the National Museum of Wales so didn’t see it! I took a few photographs there, this one is probably my favourite from the visit though.