Every morning without fail, I check my flickr photograph statistics. I like to keep abreast of which photographs have been the most popular the previous day and to see whether there is any peculiarity which needs addressing. Occasionally I check the “All time” figures to see whether there has been any change in my top ten most popular and this morning I see that out of the ten, three of them have been taken by other photographers, six are sunsets and one is a waterfall. None of the photographs which are mine I think are particularly good, it’s just how flickrites seem to latch on to particular photographs. So, here is my current top ten in reverse order.

At no 10 is a photo from my childhood with my brother and my sister, that’s had 2973 views. No 9 is a sunset photograph at Ogmore-by Sea with 2985 views. With 3259 views at No 8 is a photograph of me in the snow in about 1957
.Front garden in Priory Road Attack the beach with Gitzo Snow

No 7 is another sunset photograph taken at Bwlch Gwyn, Ogmore-by-Sea and that has 3286 views. No 6 is a sunrise shot at Dunraven Bay which has 3368 views. Another from Dunraven Bay is at No 5, a sunset with 3394 views.
Five go on a sunset shoot to Bwlch Gwyn! December sunrise at Ogmore-by-Sea Early December at Dunraven Bay

Yet another from Dunraven Bay is at No 4, a sunset with 3561 views. No 3 is a historic photograph by the late Keith Coles with 4070 views. At No 2 is just one more Dunraven Bay sunset, Christmas Day 2008 with 4484 views.
Ebbing tide at Dunraven Bay A game of Conkers! It's the real thing!

And finally No 1, Sgwd Gwladys in flood with 9781 views. Sgwd Gwladys

Clicking on any of the photographs will take you to where they are displayed on flickr.