I’ve been a bit quiet on my WordPress account this month, but not through lack of thinking about it. I currently have three local history stories on the go waiting for some final pieces to fall into place before publication. I also have two childhood memory stories associated with bonfire night and the run up to that event for early November waiting in the wings, plus a re-vamped short tale from flickr I can use if I’m desperate. In the meantime, as part of the process of acquiring facts for the above histories, I have rediscovered some interesting photographs.

I have a shoebox, well a few actually, into which assorted and random photographs from the past are kept, pictures which usually have no information or which are placed there simply for safekeeping until such time as I can sort them properly. Although I can make a guess at many of the prints, very many I have no idea. I thought it might be an interesting idea to have a dip into this shoebox from time to time to see what’s in there and upload to a Shoebox set on my flickr photostream.

The photograph chosen to illustrate this blog entry was taken in the late 1920s at Coity Fields near Bridgend. It shows one of the biplanes which occasionally used to provide pleasure flights around the vicinity for paying passengers, this is one of a set of a half dozen or so of this event. The boy on the right of the photograph in a school cap and looking at the aeroplane is my father John Stokes and the tall boy standing next to him is his oldest brother Robert (Bob). The other boy standing with them could be their other brother Alan. The photograph would have been taken by my grandmother on her box camera which took 620 film, this camera was of metal construction and had a good quality lens for its time. I remember my grandmother telling me she had won a camera in a photographic competition, but she had only used it once as it was not as good as the one she already owned. I have both those cameras in my collection.