Sometimes adults can go just a little too far with their imagination. The remit was simple, Huw my nephew wanted a cart to be constructed out of his old pram base, his Mum suggested it should be large enough to carry at least two, so Uncle Mike set about planning his creation. Using all sorts of odd bits of wood lying around it cost absolutely nothing to construct except my time. The roof is actually a recycled sledge which I had hurriedly made a season or two beforehand when we had a sudden fall of snow; a few bits of old door frame and a plywood bottom it was not exactly successful but we did have some fun until we could acquire some decent plastic sledges. On the rear panel is an oval window inspired by some vintage vehicle or other, so the pusher could see whether there was any mischief going on in the cab. I retained the subframe of the pram for the rear wheels so I could use the parking brakes already fitted and aligned, they were a bit harsh for stopping though.

Of course, the larger the cart, the more difficult it was to push and as there were no hills nearby to run down it was largely only used when there was a willing pusher to hand and mostly it was when young Richard (above) came to stay for a few days that it became a favourite plaything. The wheels had already seen better days when these photos was taken shortly after construction, and one day one of them collapsed under sideways strain going round a tight bend with a full load. I swopped the wheels so the wobbly one was now on the front but it wasn’t long before the others succumbed to the ravages of the salty atmosphere where we lived and rusted from the hubs. The body of the cart survived for many years as I couldn’t bring myself to dispose of it,  but eventually it ended up on a massive bonfire one day shortly before we moved from Southerndown.

The photographs were taken in August 1993 and the kids here are all grown up now; Huw (left) is living and working in Surrey, next to him is his brother Hefin who is teaching violin in Norfolk, and their sister Hannah squashed in the rear is now teaching music at a secondary school. The other lad Richard, the willing pusher who usually only had a ride if I pushed, is the son of friends of mine and he is head chef at an exclusive establishment. Thanks kids, it really was great fun being part of your growing up!

Today’s post on this blog is not what I had originally planned, I was distracted somewhat from my original course so now will save my other offering for another day!