. . . I went to a wedding: now I’m not the world’s greatest participator in this type of activity, I don’t actually enjoy weddings, in fact I think they are only really interesting to immediate family and the closest of friends. However, this one was different, it was to be held the other side of the world in Australia and was the marriage of my nephew Julian and his bride Karen.

Two days before the celebrations commenced the plane touched down at Melbourne airport  at 6.00am where I was met by my brother Geoff and his wife Sue, it was raining, in fact colder in Melbourne than the late October London I had left 28 hours earlier and I was whisked off straight away to meet Julian and Karen for breakfast. They weren’t up at that time of day, so we had to wait whilst they organised themselves before going to a local eatery. Breakfast was good and the company entertaining, Julian didn’t stop talking!

The celebrations began the day before the wedding with an evening party at my sister-in-law Annie and her husband Max’s home. Now don’t get confused here, there are two sisters-in-law, Annie and Sue, ex-wife and current wife of my brother Geoff. This party was a grand get together of close family and I was able to meet some new ones and renew acquaintance with many I haven’t seen for years. The photograph here shows the party in full swing, my two sisters-in-law sitting next to one another (which many people find odd) with Julian sitting next to his step-mum. The empty seat is mine with a plateful of food just waiting for me to stop messing with my camera. A great evening, but without my brother’s company, he had a long-standing gig arranged for that evening which sadly he couldn’t avoid.

The following morning was Julian and Karen’s big day, off to Annie and Max’s home first thing to meet up and take the pre-wedding photographs and then we were on our way. Melbourne is large and sprawling and it seemed to take forever before we arrived at the church, far too early of course so went off for a drive to locate a quick coffee and a bite to eat. The wedding itself was very much like any other wedding but I was surprised that members of the congregation were invited to take photographs and were wandering around during the service. Oh well, let’s jump on this bandwagon and do likewise! I was not the official photographer, nor would I have accepted had I been asked, although I was mistaken to be official, my camera with large lens and flashgun does look the part, I suppose.

Following the wedding there were the official photographs to be taken outside the church and I followed the photographer around pinching her shots. I had introduced myself fairly early on that morning so she was aware of who I was and what I was doing, she knew I didn’t do “people” shots and was only taking them for family use back home. I reluctantly handed the camera over to Sue so she could take a few with me in them, here I am on the right looking as if I wished I could escape.

In Australia they don’t do things quite like at home; the wedding reception didn’t follow on from the service but was held in the evening, some six hours or more later. This meant we didn’t have enough time to return home so whiled the afternoon away sitting in a hotel bar overlooking the bay. I would have loved to have gone down on the sands but in my suit would have looked rather overdressed so contented myself with looking wistfully out of the window as we whiled away the hours. Later the reception commenced at what I would consider to be a bizarre location but have to say everything was done really well and the food was of top quality. The evening soon came to a conclusion around midnight and we wended our way homeward.

The following day we were invited to join Julian and Karen for a photoshoot at the studio where Karen works, this was a rather unusual session and thankfully I haven’t seen any of the photographs, it was enjoyable but I prefer to be behind the camera, not in front of it. Following on from that we were due at the residence of Karen’s parents for a wedding celebration evening and arrived there to find the house full of people and food, so much food you didn’t know where to start and so many people you didn’t imagine they’d all be able to squeeze in! It was an excellent and different evening however and the time passed all too quickly.

Oh, by the way, Happy Anniversary Julian and Karen!

For family and friends that missed my original posting of the wedding whilst I was in Australia, you can revisit now on my Google+ Account Wedding Album.