In the 1950s Weetabix printed a range of cardboard cut-out models on the rear of their packets. Over the years numerous models were printed ranging through all the varieties shown here and also including trains. I especially remember the Britannia locomotive as my uncle had made one, I was only allowed to look though, not touch! A collection of 65 carboard models, part of which is shown here, was sold for a few hundred pounds on e-bay.

In 1977 Weetabix re-introduced a few models, maybe to co-incide with the Queen’s Silver Jubilee; they were, on the single pack an Austin 7, and on the double packs three were available, Ford Model T, Bentley and a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost. The four models shown above were made in 1977 and, in the mistaken belief they would be preserved better, they have been varnished. The varnish has yellowed with age and the cardboard has now become very brittle so the models have been safely packed away in tissue paper for safekeeping. 

The strange thing is, I can’t pass Weetabix in the supermarket without turning the packet over just in case they’ve started to do cardboard models again!