The drive from Sydney to Queensland was long and arduous (see yesterday’s blog post), and once darkness fell, out came the lorries with which my brother Geoff had to contend. Eventually though, after nearly twelve hours on the move we arrived at our destination at Cabarita Beach. Arrangements had previously been made with the proprietors for our late arrival so we let ourselves in well past midnight and eventually heads touched pillows in the wee small hours.

In the morning we were able to see where we were; our apartment was in a block of holiday lets backing onto a nature reserve, we didn’t have a view of the sea, that was in the opposite direction, but at least it was tranquil and as the sun came up on the balcony I whiled away an hour or two with a couple of coffees before Geoff and Sue rose from their slumbers. We had planned a quiet day so after breakfast wandered down the road to the beach where we strolled quietly along the warm, warm sand listening to the crash of the waves breaking on the shore. After we had taken our fill of Boganger beach we wandered over to Cabarita headland where we climbed to get a view of the coast in both directions and took a few photos of Cabarita Beach from the elevated position.

Since my visit to this lovely place a year ago today, I appear to have lost many of the digital photos of my time here. Mostly they were the ones taken on the little Canon G12 but nevertheless they were not images I wanted to lose. Fortunately, when I was in Australia I had made arrangements to upload small files to a photo-sharing site so the family back home could view where we had been and see what we were up to, so it was with some relief that I remembered I do at least have some record of the lost images. You can see more of Boganger and Cabarita by following the links.