Radio Times 1937Now why on earth would anyone want to hang onto the 1937 and 1938 Christmas editions of the Radio Times? Fine if you are collector of such things, but just two issues?

Found, or re-discovered actually, in a box full of newspapers from different eras that the Stokes family hung onto for some reason or other. There’s a number of national papers, some local Bridgend ones and a quantity of Ongar Gazette. Although I have carefully gone through each newspaper I can find no reason to have kept them. However, I’m going to have to perpetuate this hoarding just in case there’s anything in the papers of family historical significance I’ve missed.

Radio Times 1938Christmas Day television in 1937 was riveting! Broadcasts commenced at 3.05 in the afternoon after the King’s Speech on the radio and after a play “Alice in Wonderland” it closed down again at 4.10. Broadcast re-commenced at 9.00pm with a Music-Hall Cavalcade lasting for an hour until closedown at 10.00pm. 1938 fared a little better with longer hours of broadcast from 2.30 until 4.00 in the afternoon and 8.50 until 11.00 in the evening. On the radio on Christmas Day in 1938, amongst what seems a strange collection of programmes to our 21st century tastes, was a broadcasting version of the full-length film cartoon “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” which ran from 9.10pm until 10.10pm.