The Y-Front advertisementSometimes I wish that I had rummaged around a bit more when Dad was selling up the shop. At the time I didn’t have much foresight as to what would be interesting in the 21st century and modern advertising cards and literature from the 1970s and 1980 were just binned, loads of it. I guess in 1980 I was not really interested in the modern stuff, I’m just grateful that Dad and I salvaged the historic documents.

This advert escaped the trashing though, I guess it had been put to one side as it’s not the sort of advert my father would have wanted to display in the shop. It’s a free standing card measuring 25cm x 38cm and obviously intended to put in the shop window or in a shop’s underwear department. I suspect it survived because it was a bit of a joke and Dad had taken it home for everyone to share in the hilarity, hope you all have a good smile too!