Yesterday, round about 10 minutes past 1.00pm my statistics for this blog clocked 10,000 views, I can’t be very precise about the timing as I was in the middle of our family Sunday lunch when it occurred.

When I originally set up this blog I had intended it to be used for recording my photographic exploits and activities. Some of my early entries reported events which were happening in my life including snippets from the past and these seemed to be fairly popular. One day I lifted a complete story from my web-site and adapted it for my blog, a story about my childhood and this set a precedent for similar stories to follow. It soon became apparent that descriptive tales of slices of my early life and stories of local or family history were the most popular so decided the blog should include more entries from these areas.

Teacher's pet!There is no doubt I was an odd child and some of my recollections reflect this, I must have been a little bit of a worry to my parents and possibly to the school as well; I know one of my teachers suggested I should be taken to see a child psychologist, I never was though. My favourite lesson in school was daydreaming, and if there had been an “O” level in it I would have excelled, even now I can still meander off mentally which slows down anything in which I might be doing at the time. You should all be grateful for this as most of my daydreaming these days is mostly composing the next story for my blog.

Thank you all for taking the time and trouble to visit, “like” and comment on the blog, whether here or on the Facebook and flickr links, and also to everyone I meet in the street or who telephones me to remark upon my tales; one day, no doubt, I shall run out of childhood memories to share, but in the meantime keep visiting, there are still more to be told!