I slept on the floor, ’twas a bit like camping; the roll-up bed was at 45º to the wall and every time I opened my eyes during a fitful sleep I thought I was drunk as the walls were at the wrong angles and seemed to be falling on top of me. I was also very hot which didn’t help with getting any rest. My mother had hi-jacked my bed in my house, her bed in her house in turn had been hi-jacked by her grandson and his fiancée; it was all part of the massive prearranged organisation of the night before an event for which we had been preparing for seemingly ages; the day my one and only niece was to be married.

On the morning of 28th December, promptly at noon, my niece Hannah walked down the aisle on the arm of her father, the string quartet playing Hannah’s chosen entry piece of Tara’s theme from Gone with the Wind, her younger brother as lead violinist. At the front of the chapel her father abandoned her and stepped up onto the communion platform where he was to perform the ceremony of his own daughter to Matthew, her boyfriend and fiancé of many years. The chapel was full, it had been many years since a marriage had taken place there and as well as all the guests, many chapel members came to support their minister at the wedding of his daughter.

After months of speculation about the weather, the day turned out to be very grey but despite the forecast the rain held off for the brief period whilst arriving and departing from the chapel. The ceremony had very many emotional moments and a few amusing minor incidents as well which helped to make the occasion more personal and touching and after the signing of the register the bride and groom exited the chapel to Widor’s Toccata from Symphony No V, a dramatic and fitting finalé to a lovely service.

This was one occasion I did not take my camera, well, not exactly; I left the big kit at home and travelled light with my diminutive G12. It was not my intention to take any photographs at all, there was a professional photographer who was going to take care of all that, I wanted a relaxing day. However, that’s not to say I wouldn’t turn on the camera if I saw the little special moments and the photographs shown here are a few from just fifteen that I took during the reception. At the request of Hannah and Matthew, family and friends were asked not to share photographs on social media sites such as facebook and twitter, and the photographs reproduced here have been seen by them before posting with this story.

Hannah & Matthew

A grabbed moment stolen from the professional photographer’s set-up, Hannah and Matthew sitting in a window seat at the reception venue.

Hannah & Jessica

Hannah shares a quiet moment with Jessica, one of the flower girls at the wedding. The photographer was busy arranging other groups at this time so I sneaked in and grabbed a couple of pictures.

Ollie & Rhys

And I couldn’t resist posting this one, Ollie and Rhys playing on their parent’s iPhones during a quiet moment during the reception.