A couple of weeks ago I penned the following story about my car, for some reason I didn’t post it at the time as I felt I might be tempting fate as it’s been a good and reasonably well behaved car. Last evening though, after not being used for about a week, it refused to start. Today I have managed to restart it, I think it was a culmination of no use, damp and cold weather, a tired battery which needs replacing (probably tomorrow) and the clown behind the wheel who managed to flood the engine with too much fuel. So now, for your perusal is that which I wrote two weeks ago.

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The time was coming when I needed to think about a new car, my old Fiat cabriolet was becoming rather tired, the roof was ripped and mended with tape and the need to carry larger items in the back forced me to think a hatchback box-style small vehicle would probably be more useful to me. I had seen a vehicle I liked the look of, one had parked outside my office one day, it was a bit quirky in appearance and I was attracted to it as I felt it matched my eccentricity. The dealer for this model though was in Cardiff and I had always bought my cars locally so they could be maintained easily without having to travel miles. Nevertheless, I went to the showroom to have a look, I fancied a red one, it looked good in red, there was not much choice in colour otherwise, silver, black, dull green and red. I looked one over, a year old, seemed to be a reasonable price but I wasn’t totally convinced it was for me.

A couple of months later I happened to be driving past that same showroom in Cardiff when I spotted a yellow one on the forecourt, now that was different, didn’t know they did yellow, I was immediately interested but couldn’t stop as I was going somewhere else. The following day I went back to take a peek and knew immediately it had to be mine. The sales team were very helpful and offered a reasonable amount in part exchange for my battered Fiat and also agreed when came the time for service they would collect and deliver the car from my place of work.

Yellow Daihatsu YRVThere is no doubt that my Daihatsu YRV is a strange little vehicle, looks small from the outside but inside the cabin you feel you’re in a much larger car. Mine has a 1300cc engine with a turbo booster which can shift the car from 0 to 60 in a little over 8 seconds which is quite nippy; indeed, many a BMW or others of that ilk have been surprised at traffic lights when I can beat them off the mark – they soon catch up though! It’s all down to the automatic F-speed gear box which will take off surprisingly quickly and smoothly and you have the option once the car is moving to flick it over to a clutchless manual control with paddle switches on the steering wheel, very unusual. Yellow is also a very rare colour, apparently there are only a very small number and were only available to special order, I’ve only ever seen one other. When purchased in 2004 it was eighteen months old with 16,000 on the clock. The new price for the F-speed Turbo was £11,500 and the forecourt price of this one was £7,500, a depreciation of £4,000 and a figure I was content to pay.

There is no doubt this little car has been exceptional during its time with me and has seen me through one house move and is shortly to assist in another, yes it has it’s faults, it’s OK on a long journey but quite a hard ride; the gearbox has a little niggly intermittent fault which is too expensive to repair but I know what to do when it plays up; it’s been recently bumped by a reversing car and is now covered in scratches around the tailgate access from countless trips to builder’s yards and other similar places. It’s now so old that it’s hardly worth anything so I intend to keep it until it becomes too expensive to maintain; it’s low mileage though, after nearly eight years in my ownership it still has less than 60,000 on the clock!