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I received late yesterday afternoon a very strange and brief e-mail, purportedly from Derek Brockway, the BBC Wales weather presenter but I was a little suspicious as he requested my telephone number. I sent an equally brief reply asking if this was a hoax or a wind-up hoping there would be some clue in any reply as to what it was all about. In the meantime I set about a little research of my own and discovered the 18th of February was the 35th anniversary of the 1978 Blizzard which crippled South Wales for weeks.

The return e-mail gave a reason for ‘our Derek’ wanting to speak to me, but I already knew, so passed on my mobile telephone number. Within minutes it was ringing and Derek was chatting to me about the photographs of the blizzard that are on my website. He requested permission to link the page to his weather blog which was about to go live once the BBC technician had finished uploading to the site.

We then chatted generally about other weather events, well what else would you talk about with a weather man? He then requested the use of one of the photos for his evening weather bulletin if there was enough time to organise it. He knew which photo he wanted and by luck I had a file of a useable size available without scanning so forwarded it on, it was only a maybe though, Derek explained he only had one minute fifteen seconds for the evening broadcast and may not have time to include it.

The weather normally comes after the regional news which commences at 6.30. I knew I wouldn’t be around to see it as every Monday I have a commitment which sees me leave the house at 6.45. Imagine my surprise therefore when e-mails and Facebook messages started to inform me friends had seen it before 6.30. Apparently some members of the BBC were on strike yesterday so the Welsh news was a shortened five-minute session at the end of the national news. I tried iPlayer but it wasn’t yet uploaded.

At camera club last evening I lost count of how many members mentioned they’d seen it so as soon as I was back home tried iPlayer again, but still not uploaded. It is this morning though so I’ve taken a screen grab to let you know it wasn’t all a figment of my imagination!

Derek Brockway presenting the weather with one of my photos in the background.