I have a lot of books, loads of them, running into thousands I expect. I accumulate them, am unable to refuse a bargain, especially when it’s free.

Some years ago a camera club colleague passed away and it was some while before his large photograph collection was tracked down before it disappeared into obscurity. When it was eventually found there were also a large number of books which were going to be given away, mostly transport and historical subjects, so I asked if i could look through them first. I think they were only too glad someone else was going to sort them so I ended up with possibly a further three or more hundred books.

As readers are well aware, I shall shortly be moving house and as part of this process I am starting to box up my library. This evening I picked up a book I hadn’t remembered seeing before and opened it and a double-sided card fell out which I have scanned and posted below. This will no doubt be of very great interest to my “Western Welsh” friends on Facebook!