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Growing up in the 1950s and 60s wasn’t a completely idyllic bed of roses you know; I remember throwing up on Ogmore beach as a kid and all because I had a squashy turd stuck between my toes!

Victorian sewers at Ogmore-by-SeaBack in the dark ages, a long while ago these strange brick structures (roof of the sewers) on Ogmore estuary used to carry storm water and household sewage straight down to the outflow pipe on Ogmore beach. The idea was that on an incoming tide the weight of water would close the outflow and so sewage would not be brought ashore, and on a receding tide the build up of pressure of tons of effluent would then be taken out to sea.

The reality of course was that Ogmore was one of the most polluted beaches in South Wales and one which we never visited as a family. The turd experience was when I went with an aunt and uncle who were not overly familiar with the problems to be encountered at Ogmore and I’m sure my parents would not have been happy when they knew where we’d been.

Another uncle of mine said you never went swimming at Ogmore-by-Sea, you just went through the motions – groan, I know, tasteless joke!

This is all a far cry from the current situation at Ogmore; a new sewage treatment plant was built on Merthyr Mawr Warren in the 1970s and the problem has now gone making Ogmore-by-Sea a delightful place to visit.

Sunset at Traeth Ogwr

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