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Ship in a bottle

In the 1940s a number of German prisoners-of-war found themselves interned at Island Farm Camp just outside Bridgend. In the early years of the camp ordinary soldiers were housed there and these were not considered to be a risk to national security so were placed in the community to work.

Two such soldiers found themselves at work in my grandfather’s building business and proved to be very good workers. When the time came for them to leave Bridgend, the soldiers presented my grandparents with this ship in a bottle which one of them had made. The workmanship is without question superb, just a pity that a more suitable bottle had not been available at that time, still I suppose that is what gives it so much charm.

My mother, who was a teenager at the time can’t remember their names, but thinks one of them was named (or nicknamed) Fritz. I wonder what happened to those two young men, would love to find out, it is conceivable that they could still be alive in their 90s – I guess I’ll never know!