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Christmas 1996, my nephew Huw was given a very large box of K’nex, a plastic construction kit which interlocks together to make some interesting creations. Huw and Uncle Mike were not content to start at the beginning of the construction book though, we were attracted by the roller coaster right at the end. After many hours of work it was completed and measured some two metres long by a metre wide and a metre high – I had ideas for this!

The first blue-sky day after Christmas we set this up on a table in the front garden and with a polarising filter on the camera took a number of photos. We named the creation ‘Minifobia’ as ‘Megafobia’ the world’s largest wooden roller coaster had recently opened in Oakwood Park in South Wales.

'Minifobia' constructed from Knex

This photograph has fooled many a judge in camera club competitions who have failed to realise the significance of the title, and who have equally not noticed that it is a toy! The telegraph wire in the background was a nuisance and nowadays could easily be digitally removed but I’ve left it there for authenticity.

The motion blur is genuine as the car was photographed at a slow shutter speed as it careered down the slope towards the camera.

Photographed on Fuji slide film with a Canon EOS 50e with 20-35mm lens and circular polariser.