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Temperatures in Wales - March 2012Tomorrow the weather forecast temperature is for a measly and miserable 1º for the majority of the day at the time of writing. This weekend last year we were basking in a mini heatwave of 24º, a 2400% increase over what can be expected tomorrow. Global warming? surely not, seems more like we’re entering into a mini ice age with only minimal rises in temperature forecast for the coming week as well. Come on warm, we’ve had enough of winter now, let’s have some spring-like weather please.

This time last year the WelshFlickrCymru (WFC) group met at Ogmore Castle, it was an easy location for me as I decided to walk there in the glorious spring sunshine which we had experienced the whole of the previous week. The Castle and the adjacent stepping stones have been an old favourite of mine in the past, having spent many an hour down there attempting to capture them in all conditions of weather and lighting. I knew on the flickr meet that there’d be many people down there so didn’t hold out too much hope of capturing anything really memorable in my camera; I was right, it was crowded.

I suppose the fascination with Ogmore Castle stemmed from a Camera Club colleague who refused to go to the castle as he reckoned it was a waste of time as “you never get any decent pictures down there”. I was out to prove that interesting photographs could be found with the right lighting and conditions and persevered over a period of about two years before I decided I had accomplished what I had set out to achieve and slackened off with my regular visits. Here then are a few favourite photographs from my flickr archive showing the castle and its environs, many more of which can be seen in my Ogmore Castle set on flickr.

The first one below is also the highest positioned photograph of the castle in my flickr statistics, coming in at No 47, it shows the castle early on an icy morning on the 6th January 2008.

Ogmore Castle at sunrise on flickr

The next photograph was taken during the period in 2008 when there was a lot of volcanic ash in the upper atmosphere which under the right lighting conditions could produce dramatic reflected colour at sunset time. I could see this particular sunset was beginning to build up so dashed from my home the ten minutes or so it takes to get to the stepping stones hoping it wouldn’t have evaporated by the time I got there – I wasn’t disappointed!

The stepping stones at sunset on flickr

Finally, one taken at sunset time again, during an exceptionally high tide. I had to dodge the photographers who were all trying to capture the same scene and I did get severely bitten by insects, but the photo was well worth the wait and the ensuing skin irritation.

Ogmore Castle at very high tide on flickr