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Link to this photo on flickrIt was probably not the best place to stand with a camera on a tripod! The camera was only inches from the surface of the water and I was hanging on grimly to stop myself and equipment from being washed away. The water was lapping over the tops of my wellies, thank goodness I was in my (usual) shorts so there were no wet trousers to add to the discomfort of soggy socks. During the taking of this picture, I had my friend Leighton standing alongside ready to grab me in case I should slip, the river was trying to wrestle the tripod from my grip with the force of the water as it roared thunderously past.

Link to Annabelle's photo on flickrIt was taken whilst on a warmish but damp November morning with six friends from the WFC (WelshFlickrCymru) group. With me were Nick, Panda, Andrew, and the Roberts family, Angela and Leighton who had brought along young Annabelle. We all had a good time dodging the showers, and took it in turns photographing the waterfall so as not to be in each other’s way. Thanks to Annabelle for taking this photograph of the group, left to right is Leighton, Panda, Annabelle, Nick, Angela and Andrew with me on the bottom right.

My photo hung around the top end of flickr’s Explore for the most of Sunday 9th November 2008 and for a brief six hours was perched at #1, but rather strangely was never seen on Explore’s front page!

I should like to thank everyone who has viewed, faved and commented on this photograph over the past few years, I really am overwhelmed by the massive response this image has generated, particularly in it’s early days on flickr – I nearly didn’t post this photo at all, as there are one or details which I felt needed tweaking, but in my eagerness to be the first to post a photo from our early morning jaunt, I hurried the processing along a little. Thank you all, I really am grateful for your enthusiasm over this photograph.