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Link to this photograph on my flickr site.Actually, it was the taller of the lads on the left that asked that question. I was out with my camera at the 1974 Bridgend Steam Fayre and had been taking photographs for hopeful inclusion in our local newspaper. I happened to know that their photographer hadn’t turned up as earlier a call went out on the public address system for anyone capable of taking photos for submission to the paper to make themselves known, they needed photos taking of the Carnival Queen and the arranged photographer hadn’t turned up. I introduced myself and took the required photos and then had a look around to see what else I could capture which might be suitable for publication. The self-introduced two lads on the left would make a good picture with this steam engine I thought, and as I was positioning them one of them called over the other two younger boys passing by at that moment, so I positioned the newcomers on the the right side of the picture and then put the two older lads on the left with the tallest boy leaning nonchalantly on the front wheel of the traction engine. Although I did make a note of the boys’ names in case this photo should be selected for the local paper I have long since lost the notes I made that day.

Some interesting cars in the background, now classed as classics, they were everyday vehicles back then, Triumph Herald, Morris (or Austin) 1100, Ford Cortina, Hillman Hunter etc. The location is Newbridge Fields, Bridgend, but you wouldn’t see an event of this nature taking place at this precise spot as this is now in the middle of the athletic track.

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The 1974 Bridgend Carnival & Steam Fayre was held on the weekend of September 7th & 8th. The Carnival parade took place on the Saturday and the Steam Fayre was held over the two days. The day prior to the event Newbridge Fields had been battered by the worst summer storm for many years and as the carnival day dawned a number of trees had fallen in the show area. In addition, the River Ogmore was threatening to flood the lower field. The ground became extremely muddy but did dry out a little on the Sunday. The Glamorgan Gazette of 13th September devoted a whole page to the show and carnival although only one of mine made it onto the page, the Carnival Queen top left.

Page from the Glamorgan Gazette