It'n'UsMy pop group – well, not exactly mine, but I was part of it. The guitar I’m playing was constructed by my father from a plan which came with an issue of Practical Electronics. The instrument was quirky with a square-back neck and the fret board wider than the neck. I based the scratch board on a Burns guitar like the Shadows used, and the Formica was cut out by hand with a fret saw. The colour was sky blue.

The amplifier and loudspeaker I had put together using the innards of an old record player. The loudspeaker box was something my father had lying around and I refurbished it, but I constructed the amplifier box myself. It had an output of around 6 watts which was more than enough for the dreadful sound we made.

The group consisted of myself, John on Drums, Stephen “Ned” on guitar and Clive on lead. We did play at a few events, mostly youth club, but our high spot was when we were asked to do the school Christmas party. I remember being thrust a bundle of ‘new’ music minutes before which the others had practised without me and I had to sight-read. Not entirely sure now how we came by the unusual name for the group, must have been a daft teenage thing!

Since leaving school I have not kept in contact with any of the group. Occasionally I see John just to say “Hi” to, but the other two I haven’t seen for nearly 50 years. The amplifier still works and the guitar was restyled in the 1980s but is now deep metallic orange, more a bronze, still as cumbersome to play though!

My guitar