This afternoon the local school for youngsters with special needs held their annual fête – and the weather just couldn’t have been any kinder for the occasion. Warm, but not so hot everyone would prefer to go to the beach, and with a little bit of a breeze to keep everyone comfortable. The crowds were coming and going all afternoon making, I’m sure, a very successful event.

It reminded me of another local fête some thirty or more years ago which used to be held on the first Saturday in July, the Litchard School PTA Fête. This really was a high spot of local events with many attractions to draw in the crowds. The local vintage club, of which I was secretary, put on a display of old machinery at the show and I recall many a pleasant time attending this event in the early 1980s.

The PTA made a special effort to book a major attraction each year and I remember a Wessex helicopter one year landing in the confined space of the school field, dust being blown everywhere. On another year the Red Devils Parachute Team made a landing in adverse windy conditions with one of the team landing in an adjacent garden narrowly missing a greenhouse by inches – everyone held their breath that time!

Despite the fact we exhibited from 1979 to at least 1985 I took no photographs so have none to show you. Instead you will have to content yourself with a picture of one of the souvenir plaques given to the exhibitors of the vintage section. I have chosen the 1982 plaque as it is probably the most decorative one we were given over the years.

Exhibitor's plaque for the 1982 Litchard School PTA Fête