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Well, that’s what I was doing thirty years ago today. How can I be so sure? I hear you ask; well today is my sister and brother-in-law’s thirtieth wedding anniversary.

That day thirty years ago was just like today, really sunny and warm, and it had been like that for weeks. At the time we owned and ran a home for the elderly so the wedding day was going to be a bit of a trial as far as staffing was concerned, but with a bit of assistance from friends everything was adequately covered and we were all able to relax and enjoy the day.

The wedding itself was held in a little Welsh chapel in Maesteg and the reception was back home in our own front garden. It was scorching and the guests and our residents had a really enjoyable day. Those of us that were looking after the residents were totally exhausted and boiled by the end of it all and I recall members of our team sitting on the back steps late in the evening with their feet in a bucket of water to cool off.

Normally I would illustrate any of my little tales with a suitable photograph and with this one I’ve had to go to great lengths to find one as my sister was not playing ball. Despite dropping hints for the past week at having a look at the wedding photos my mother has been unable to find the album or persuade my sister to get it out from it’s hiding place, I guess my sister may suspect I’m up to something. So I’ve had to ask my brother in Australia if he has one. By luck he remembered an old box full of photos and found this one in there, it’s a bit faded but shows our parents side of the family that were present at the wedding. I’m second from left sporting big 1980s hair, as is my father two away from me!

The wedding of Sheila Stokes and Euros Miles, July 1983

So, why was I cutting thistles at 6.00am? Alongside our home in Southerndown was a piece of rough ground that masqueraded as a car park, with course gravel and grassy patches it was prone to becoming invaded with thistles and was kept under control regularly. This was just one of those jobs that had to be done to make sure there was plenty of space for the guests to park and I had left it until the last moment to ensure none sprung up overnight!

Happy Anniversary Sheila and Euros!