It was all a mistake. Somehow I was confused, or had been confused, about adding my name to the list of lecturers of the Welsh Photographic Federation (WPF). I had been approached by the person responsible for this listing and had a lengthy conversation about all the various aspects. Now I know at some point in the conversation we had discussed judging, but there was no way that I was interested in doing this but was prepared to do the occasional talk to camera clubs. When the annual WPF publication which lists all presenters and judges was printed I was horrified to find my name was on the judges list and not on the lecturers list where I expected. Oh well, I could always refuse any prospective bookings with a little white lie!

One club wasn’t going to be put off however and continued to pester me and so I found myself agreeing to judge a monthly competition for the Vale Photographic Club based near Cowbridge in the Vale of Glamorgan. At the pre-arranged time the prints and slides were delivered and I set about looking through them and deciding upon the merits (or otherwise) of the photographs before me. Somehow I got through that evening but it was not an experience I can say I enjoyed but I must have done something right as before I left they had booked me for the following season.

Word must have got around and I did a few judgings for other clubs as well, not very many in a year, probably about three maximum and each time I have said it was to be the last. Vale club though are very persuasive and I have now judged for them for the last nine years, but finally I think I have got the message through, no more please, and I have not been booked for this past or next season.

My name did eventually get on to the Lecturers list and I had a number of bookings from that, but a couple of years back decided to remove myself from that list also. I still do the occasional talk, my reputation is by word of mouth, but they are now few and far between but last week I had my first booking for the forthcoming season, a talk on the beauty of barren and desolate landscapes. I have a load of stock photos I can use for this, but will probably have to get myself into gear and go out and find some more.

Monument Valley lookalike!

One of the locations and photographs that will be featured in my talk on desolate landscapes. This is at Trefil Quarry in south Wales and has been compared with the landscape of Monument Valley, albeit on a much, much smaller scale. I have a number of photographs of Trefil Quarry on flickr.