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Since moving into my new house a month ago I have become very aware of the trains that pass by, regularly and on time, one can set their clocks by them they are so precise, so it was with some surprise I heard a train about 35 minutes before the next one was due.

I jumped from my computer chair where I was composing some story or other and dashed to the back door to catch a glimpse of an HST travelling towards Barry. Now that is unusual, that just doesn’t happen unless, either there is work being done on the line between Bridgend or Cardiff or there has been an incident on that stretch of line. The HST was closely followed by another unusual train to be seen here, an Express Sprinter 158.

Quick, log onto realtimetrains.co.uk to see what’s going on. A quick scan down the list of today’s trains soon picked up the information that a number of trains were being cancelled and by clicking on and opening up one of the cancelled listings one could see it had been cancelled because a train had hit a pedestrian. The stream of trains passing by was a major distraction to me as I couldn’t resist hanging round watching the timetable; the variations unfolding before my eyes, and then watching the subsequent altered services as they passed by at the bottom of the garden.

I’m sorry a pedestrian was involved and a report on-line informs me an elderly man was killed at Llanharan in a non-suspicious incident at 8:55 this morning; the line remained partially closed until mid afternoon. I gave up looking at trains after lunch as I had other pressing things to see to, but not before I had attempted to capture a few of the trains with my camera from my bedroom window through the heat haze!

HST rear end passing on the Barry line. Power car No 43186.