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Yesterday I showed you photographs of the first vintage show I ever attended with my stationary engine. The following year I was invited back to the same event to exhibit once again, by this time my collection was beginning to grow and I took along three exhibits which included the engine I had shown the previous year. This is the car window sticker which was issued to exhibitors to publicise the show, no further details were necessary, just drive through the village of Southerndown, you’d find it!

Car window sticker for the 2nd Vintage Engine Rally at Southerndown in 1976

The Llantwit Major & District Vintage Engine Club held their second annual rally at the Home for the Blind & Elderly in Southerndown on 17th & 18th July 1976. Around sixty exhibits were on display including steam engines, vintage cars and a large collection of old stationary engines and machinery.

In the foreground is some of my collection of engines at the 2nd Vintage Engine Rally at Southerndown in 1976Unlike the previous year, the 1976 show wasn’t blessed with such fine weather and I only took a couple of photographs, in addition the layout wasn’t as good as the previous year, the stationary engines moved to a side area that was part hard standing. A year or two after this event the Llantwit Major & District Vintage Engine Club had been disbanded and this rally was not held again.

For this show I had travelled down from London to attend, I had moved there the previous November as I had been employed at a children’s home in the Borough of Wandsworth, two of the boys travelled with me and the photo shows the young lads with my growing collection of engines and machinery.

Here’s the page of the programme on which my engines are listed, exhibits 39, 40 and 41. I’m shown as from Bridgend even though I was living in London at the time and my entry form would have stated that fact.

Back page of the programme for the 2nd Vintage Engine Rally at Southerndown in 1976