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Dressed in our Sunday best, the Stokes children pose on the concrete bridge near Ewenny PrioryOn a lovely summer Sunday morning such as today, we knew what lay ahead for us, after we had washed and dressed and Mum had gone to Chapel, Dad would take us for a walk across the moors whilst the roast gently simmered in the oven. Dressed in our Sunday suits, my brother and I, along with our sister clothed in her Sunday frock and coat, would go down Heronstone Lane and then cross the moors, locating the little bridges which crossed the drainage ditches and then over the longer bridge which spanned the River Ewenny. This was usually the limit of our walk before returning home. Sometimes Dad would take his camera with him and take a few posed snaps of us, one time he even had colour film in the camera, an extravagance for that era, this photograph taken around 1958.

The years go by and by 1962 we had moved house which was further away from the moors and consequently a place we never visited again. I went down there a few times as a teenager but for decades the moors area remained just a memory, Ewenny Priory being visited many times, of course, but always approached by road and never across the moors.

Having now moved into my new abode it brings me closer to the area where I spent a chunk of my childhood, in fact I can see the garden of the house in which we lived, so it was inevitable that eventually I would wish to stroll down to the moors once again. My brother and sister-in-law are staying with me at the moment so the other evening we decided to wander down and relive a few childhood Sunday morning memories.

The new bridge photographed a few years ago. This bridge has since been slightly altered to provide a pedestrian ramp in addition to the stile access.Of course, things are not what they were, the moors which was once an open space is now sectioned off and one is constrained within a fenced walkway; the old narrow bridges have been replaced by modern wooden-decked ones and although one of the old bridges across the Ewenny river remains, a new pedestrian bridge has been constructed to replace the old concrete one shown in my first picture, all somewhat disappointing for a pair of 1950s kids looking to relive past memories. Nevertheless, we had an enjoyable evening reminiscing.