During this past week my blog viewing figures have toppled 20,000, and this is my 200th post on the blog I started just over 2 years ago. Statistics are able to show me which of my blogs have been the most popular but are not a true reflection of actual viewing figures of each blog. For example, amongst all the statistics are figures for the “Home Page” which far outnumbers all the other figures. As the home page changes every time I post a new blog it is impossible really to tell how many times each page is read. What the stats tell me is how many times each specific page has been viewed by searches or direct links from other sources, from facebook and flickr for example. So, for what it’s worth, for my 200th blog, I’m going to show you my top ten posts, in reverse order of course!

At number 10 is a blog with a couple of videos about a rock group from the 1970s, the James Hogg Band, and my brother’s  effort to bring the group back together to perform their 1972 single “Lovely Lady Rock”.

In 9th position is the story of a discovery of an intact air-raid shelter in Bridgend, entitled The Secret Shelter the blog is illustrated with a number of photographs.

Coming in at 8 is my account of The Final Service held at Ruhamah Chapel in Wyndham Street, Bridgend and has a number of photographs and a poignant video recording of the last hymn to be sung in the chapel.

7th in the pecking order is a tale about raincoats and aeroplanes, a story in my Childhood Memories series entitled A Vulcanising game with Robert Hirst.

At number 6 is another tale from my childhood and one which my bus enthusiast friends have obviously liked. Entitled The Breakdown it tells the story of a day trip in a luxury coach which didn’t quite end like it should.

Number 5 is a report of a photographic exhibition by friend and camera club colleague Tim Wood, entitled “from . .  Wood to Coast”.

At the 4th position is another photographic account, of a visit to a historic farmhouse not normally available for public viewing. The story of Tynton, Llangeinor is told in pictures with links to other historical facts.

At 3 is another exhibition report, this time Dan Wood, the brother of Tim at Number 5. Dan’s exhibition was entitled What is Welsh and this blog still stands as the one that had the most viewings on the day it was posted.

The final two are clearly the winners by a long way, with a couple of hundred viewings more than the previous eight, so at number 2 is a tale from childhood entitled Schools Off which tells the story of going to school in the snow in short trousers in the 1950s and 60s. This was the most popular blog during the last twelve months.

But the one that has had the most views of all time and sits at the number 1 position is One of the benefits of Facebook, a childhood story that I rattled off in a hurry one morning which for some reason regularly still gets lots of viewings.

So there you have it, at 20,000 views my blog isn’t massive viewing, but combine that with my flickr viewings of over 900,000 during the last few years and my opobs website averaging around 5300 visits per month over the last year, and you can see I get a fair bit of exposure. I think I enjoy WordPress most of all at the moment though, so hope you’ll continue to take a peek now and again, I’ve a few gems at the research stage just waiting for me to get my act together. Thanks all for your support over the last two years, much appreciated.