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. . . I’d like to go out and shoot some film again. Now I know there’s nothing difficult about purchasing film and chemicals, that’s the easy bit, the hassle will come when I try and discover exactly where my tanks, measuring jars and all the other darkroom paraphernalia is stored, I know they’re here somewhere but since moving have no idea where some things are stored. Not sure where to find the light meter for my camera either, so that would be another major search through my belongings.

Many years ago we lived in a very large house at Southerndown, this was a family home with a history, I won’t bore you with that but it was divided into three sections, I suppose the modern word would be apartments, except we could all access each section as there were no locked doors. I had top floor, my parents middle floor and my sister and family were on ground floor and rear extension. When we moved from there some eight or more years ago my sister and I were forever saying we couldn’t find anything and it became a bit of a joke when we’d say “I used to know where it was when we were in Southerndown“.

And this not-finding continues to this day; I have since moved again and although I may have got to know where things were in my previous house everything has gone downhill since I moved and items I thought I may not need for a while have been stored, tons of the stuff. The darkroom equipment is in amongst all this somewhere.

I guess by now you’ll be wondering why this sudden yearning to shoot film? Recently I have been looking through my negatives and have been surprised by the quality of some of the photographs, in particular the dynamic range, something which seems to be lacking in modern day digital equivalents. Yes I know it’s possible to pull a large range of tones out of a RAW digital file but it isn’t the same in my mind. Many of my friends are returning to film and I think I might have a go at it again, if it wasn’t so much hassle!

Great Dorset Steam Fair 1975A topical photograph from the past to conclude this little episode. Cropped into 3:2 format from a 120 negative from a Microflex TLR, which was a favourite camera of mine, this scene was taken in September 1975 at the Great Dorset Steam Fair. The GDSF is taking place this very week so thought a vintage image from this most excellent show would be appropriate. I don’t think this particular photograph has ever been printed so has probably never been seen before, I may show you some more soon!