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Well, that’s what it says on the Echo board on the right side of the Stiles advertising hoarding. That, of course, is able to give me a probable date of this photograph as the 15th July 1936 when Charlotte Bryant was executed for the murder by poisoning of her husband Frederick.

The photograph is of North Street in Bridgend, now called Tondu Road. The building in the distance in the middle of the photograph is the old Brewery which was originally built in the 1790s as a woollen mill which struggled for a while before being taken over by the Stiles family and turned into a brewery. The buildings were demolished in 1941 and a “Courage” bottling and distribution centre was established on the site.

Strangely, I have two similar photographs of this scene, obviously taken by the same photographer just moments apart with the people all in slightly different places and the motor cycle missing from the other one. The odd thing is though, the both photographs have come from two separate collections.

Reading the report on the trial and subsequent execution of Charlotte Bryant, I was intrigued to learn she had formed a friendship with a Lucy Ostler, a widow with a number of children; that is a very unusual surname and one which appears in large numbers in my family tree. I have spent a considerable amount of time trying to see if this person is related to any of my Ostlers, no luck so far!